Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Snapshots of my home...

Our make do mudroom.

Remnants of a pirate snack, Wild Thing insists that apple cider is rum.

Dollmaking at its most gory stage!

We value sleep too much to keep our clothes in the bedroom. Papa Pan and my dresser is in the livingroom.
The beach nature box on top.

Dresser in the diningroom that holds art and school supplies and a gross of cloth napkins, and the cutlery, and...

Modelling beeswax krpt on top so the sun can warm it.

For Robin, little beeswax bee guardian.

I always love seeing into the homes of the bloggers I follow so I thought I'd take some pics today.


MamaAngel said...

Hello! I can't remember how I found your blog, though I'm sure "Waldorf" or some derivative is the reason somehow.

I love the new photo at the top, and thanks for sharing your house! Very cool.

deb said...

I don't understand why your clothes can't be in your bedroom.

Mud Mama said...

Because getting them out of the dresser wakes up the Sprout, and we avoid this at any cost.

RunninL8 said...

Again, what a wonderful home you have! Your livingroom dresser picture looks like it was taken in the 1800's-beautiful!