Monday, September 29, 2008

Continuing the house search...

Yesterday we looked at an 1870's school house in a PRIME home based business location (its currently a B&B) but it is on the main road into town so LOTSA TRAFFIC
also lotsa space and charm and what have you.

Tonight we're looking at two little farms - one with 16 acres and a pond and an old barn, the other is 3 acres surrounded by orchards, and it has two barns and a small house. There's a tire swing out front.

Then later this week we're looking at a house in Kingsport - actual deeded ocean access and room to build a workshop, and a crazy cobbled together 150 year old house and a TON of work to be done (like GUT the upstairs and live downstairs for awhile while its being rehabilitated from a shag carpet and stucco 1970's nightmare) but it is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and we LOVE LOVE LOVE Kingsport.

And then the house above - a circa 1750's acadian house. Pretty huh?

Wish us luck on finding our forever house!


monkey said...

i am sending soooo many warm wishes your way. there is nothing like finding the place you know is home the minute you find it. well, so i hear. i have yet to accomplish this. i'm excited for your search!

Kelly said...

I'm SOOOOO jealous. Every few months Mark and I have a conversation that goes like this:

Mark: You know, we could afford to buy a house with tons of land near the ocean in NS and I wouldn't have to work full time.

Me: Winter.

Mark: Oh yeah.

The grass is always greener... :)

good luck with your house hunt - we are living vicariously through you!!

Mud Mama said...

Oh now, come now! Winters here are NOTHING like Ontario winters!

Why it is 19 degrees here right now!

We don't even get frost here til the end of October!