Thursday, September 25, 2008

I don't even like cantaloupe that much

But this is part of why I love Papa Pan.

Its big news here in the Valley that the big grocery chain told a local farmer they'd buy melons from him. So he planted 50 acres of them. Then the grocery chain backed out of the deal. When the "he said - she said" dust settled the farmer invited neighbours to come pick all the melon they could carry before they rotted in the field.

So Papa Pan went melon picking after work yesterday.

This is what was left after we gave a trunk full to the neighbours, to my daycare families.


Oma said...

Maybe you can pickle some ... like pumpkin ... I am not sure but I am sure I have seen frozen fruit mixes containing cantaloupe.

What a shame to waste a whole harvest. That is one farmer who deserves support from the local community forever.

zoom said...

I wish I lived closer - I LOVE cantalope...cantalaupe...cantaloupe..melons.

nessa said...

Oh, man! My girls would go CRAZY at the site of all that melon!

That poor farmer though! What a crappy deal. 50 acres of melons is not a cheap prospect...