Monday, September 8, 2008

An interesting fact about our home...

You are never more than 5 paces from a 5x magnifier jeweller's loupe.

There are a million things you'll want one for so there's one in every room - at least one. You can stack them to increase the magnification so sometimes they are found in clusters too.

Dinner conversation -

Dark Mirror - "Hey did I tell you what happened when I came home from Labrynth?"

Me - "No, what?"

Dark Mirror - "A wolf spider swung down right in front of my face as I was opening the door to come in!"

Nature Girl - "There's one hunting at the back door too, didn't you hear me screaming earlier?"

Me - "Nature Girl, you scream a lot. Well there's another one on the window here in the diningroom." gesturing to window behind my head.

Papa Pan - "I put them there as guard dogs, Mica only guards Sprout's high chair"

Nature Girl - Is that one on the OUTSIDE of the window?"

Me - "Yup let me get a loupe, where is it?"

Nature Girl - "I put it in my basket"

1, 2, 3 paces

Nature Girl looked at it, Dark Mirror balked, remembering how he developed an intense fear of Ladybugs after looking at one with a loupe before, but Nature Girl convinced him because Wolf Spiders are "cute". Dark Mirror looked at it and agreed it was cute AND gross cause it was eating something. Wild Thing was all impressed with the hairs on its legs.

We finished dinner discussing Spider did you know all spiders have 8 eyes, but jumping spiders have 4 in front and 4 in the back of their heads? I do now.

That is why we have loupes everywhere.

and spiders.


cinnamon gurl said...

Oh god... we've had spiders in our house this weekend, not wolf spiders but bad enough. I always imagine them crawling on me in my sleep...

Millie said...

Good post.