Friday, May 2, 2008

Wild Thing has an announcement!

I's not beautiful anymore mummy, I's FANCY.

For the longest time Wild Thing has been my Beautiful Boy. He really is, but I think it originally sprang out of my favorite book on boyhood.

Be Boy Buzz

If you have a boy, you need to read this book. This book is an interactive book - the kind toddlers and preschoolers jump up from reading and act out. Its the kind of book you read with a bongo drum in hand. This is the kind of book you buy all your friends when they have a baby boy. If you're discovering it with grown boy childs you still need a copy to give them on their next birthday, or better yet, THEY should get you a copy for Mother's Day. This book is SO much better than Love You Forever. This is the kind of book that is next to impossible to find on library shelves. It is poetic and poignant and yes BEAUTIFUL.

This book was written by an Afro-American feminist theorist. Bell Hooks.

So I'm going to miss my BEAUTIFUL boy, and spend some time celebrating my FANCY boy.

He promises me he will still be my BAD BOY BEAST sometimes.


monkey said...

ooohhh...i don't know this book (being new to the children's literature genre after one class in college forever ago) but bell hooks is one of my favorite writers. i had no idea she wrote a children's book...for boys, no less. you keep bringing me goodness!

Mud Mama said...

Actually she's written a bunch of kids books - Skin Again (wonderful!), Happy to be Nappy (we love this one so much we own it in boardbook form), Homemade Love - its okay a little bit reacle-y for my girl she prefers Happy to Be Nappy.

I haven't read her other kid's books - Be Love Baby Love and Grump Groan Growl (we'll be on the lookout for this one)

radical mama said...

Love bell hooks. I'll keep that one in mind if we have a boy. :)