Thursday, May 15, 2008

Because I find weight loss boring...

I'm only posting about this now that I've reached my first tiny incremental goal. I purposely chose a snail on my ticker (at the bottom of my blog) because I wanted this weight to come off slowly and naturally.

March 2008

I have 20 lbs to lose. I gained 35 lbs with the Sprout. A combination of bed rest, lingering birth aches and pains, and a truly asthmatic slothful winter have left me with 20 lbs of exta me that shouldn't be there.

Besides the weight which doesn't want to budge, I'm feeling my old "springtime hysteria" sort of a "the ice is breaking up and so am I" out of control freakout that signals that I've been holding on way too tightly for way too long. My back has been aching since my last trimester and it is making it so I don't want to walk anywhere and because of that I'm totally out of shape. My asthma has been really bad this winter too. So it is time to do something to fix all of these things. They're all connected.

Step one: No more extra sugar. Sugar depresses. It depresses me with the spiking and crashing blood sugar, it depresses the immune system, and fructose makes you fat. So I'm avoiding sugar. No sugar in my coffee or tea, no more using sugar to wake up after a bad night with the Sprout. No honey dripping pieces of toast. I'm not going to be a zealot though, apple pie is still on the menu and I'm never ever giving up raspberry jam!

Step two: Curb the nervous eating. The low grade hysteria leaves me constantly looking for something to chew on. I don't even enjoy the eating, but its some kind of sensory thing where I want to be chewing. Teeth be damned, I'm going back to mouthing ice chips and I'll try to find some healthy alternatives too, but this is not a good kind of eating to do in any event.

Step three: Hydrate! I gain weight whenever I stop drinking water and replace it with junk - coffee, tea, pop. So I'm recommitting to my friend - the big water mug. 6-8 mugs a day.

Step Four: Get out in the SUN. I actually stopped typing, got up, packed up the Sprout and Wild Thing and headed outside for an hour after writing that. This is probably the most important thing right now. Being in the sun makes me SHAKY I'm so unused to it right now!

Step Five: Core strength training.

My weight goal is really reasonable I think, I look and feel healthy at 120 lbs and it is really easy to maintain. I don't want to shoot for a weight that leaves me feeling I need to "diet" ever. My BMI at 120 is in the middle of a healthy range and I'm big boned to start with.

Of course, the first thing that happens when I obsess over my weight is that I EAT EVEN MORE. So I gained 7 MORE lbs.

APRIL 2008

I'm avoiding the sugar and not having cream in my coffee.

We don't have on any electric lights in the evening so I go to bed when the sun sets

I'm not snacking to stay awake in the evening.

Spring means I'm out every day.

There is no raspberry jam in the house, but I wish there was!

The fabulous 7 lbs of "lets think about dieting" weight is gone.

May 2008

The raspberry jam is back and so are some pickled pumpkin pieces - YUM!

5 lbs have come off now - so there you go - first milestone reached and no dieting.

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monkey said...

congratulations, lady. i know weight loss is boring to talk about, but you are inspiring me by posting this. i know finn is only three and a half months old, but i'm at the heaviest i've ever been and it's not JUST the baby. i'm eating sooo much. using food for comfort and i eat when i'm bored at home. i try not to complain much about it because i know it's all of my own doing but i really do hate the way i look/feel right now. hearing your small lifestyle changes and the positive effect they have had helps.