Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kinda cool to find Papa Pan on Youtube!

impromptu performance of the song he's working on in - it isn't finished and he had no warning he'd be performing it at all that night!

Liam Potter is on drum and Heather Kelday on bass and neither of them had heard the song ever before either....

At the beginning you can hear Sprout cooing too! That is his way of saying "What to do?


deb said...

I am very impressed. I have never heard him perform before and he is quite a talent. Can't wait to buy the CD when it is released.

We should get Maurice and Norm together some day

Anonymous said...

That is great. Kivelle has been bopping and singing along to the video. It even distracted him from his creamy coconut & green curry chips.

- Mark

monkey said...

sprout singing along is the best...that made me smile so big.