Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The days are too full to remember to blog!

Typical rainy maritimes day - drawing by the fire, felting balls (this is Wild Things first ball done all by himself!), reading stories, all while mama felts up a storm (getting ready for a fair).

A few choice snippets from this week

"I think we should be called The Make Do Mice" Nature Girl on scrap toymaking - her name for the mouse family in Phoebe Gilman's most excellent book Something From Nothing.

Wild Thing is big on movies right now and is asking to see every movie we have but he doesn't know the titles of any of them. Can you guess this one? "A chocolate man eats. There is a train. There are no dinosaurs" I actually got it from that! A hint, he refers to African Americans as chocolate.

Sprout will now scream "mama!" if he gets caught trying to crawl across the coir rug under the dining table OUCH! I swear he can say "Allah'u'abha" but Papa Pan thinks I'm nuts. I mean, he hears it often enough right?

I'm off to tidy art supplies and avoid cleaning the kitchen.

Oh and this is a doghair and wool felted ball. It was an experiment. I think it felted up really nicely but its almost TOO dense, that doghair makes a really compacted middle. I was hoping for a nice squishy ball.

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