Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A boy and his dog. Wild Thing is a lot like Nature Girl in that he started speaking late and has some articulation issues that are on the slow side of "typical" and I blame the beast in the picture. Since he was a few months old he has identified more strongly with the dog than people. While he spends vast amounts of time being a robot (with bike helmet on head and klennex boxes on his feet), he still takes time every day to go speak dog with Mica
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deb said...

love this

monkey said...

children can speak animal...they don't get caught up in semantics and context. i'm convinced finn is learning to speak from our cat, cheeto. cheeto is extremely vocal and i've noticed that finn's speaking noises sound a whole lot like meows. same tone. same confidence. same 'i will keep talking until you pay attention to me' phraseology. i wish i knew what they were talking about sometimes but i have a feeling i'm not supposed to understand. i get the bond, though. our family cat used to sleep in my crib (gasp! and she didn't steal my breath!) so i have an affinity for the love between and an animal and child. cheeto wouldn't dare get into finn's crib with her in it but she likes to rub against her little bald head and lick her toes. finn just smiles and coos.