Thursday, May 22, 2008

This made me burst into tears!

A Chinese police officer is helping with quake victims in the most wonderful way - by breastfeeding eight children in addition to her own baby!

Five quake orphans and three newborns whose mothers have been too traumatized by the quake to produce milk!

Here's the news story:,1,22


Leilani Cleveland Deveau said...

This is so hauntingly beautiful...I am choking back tears! Amidst all the death & destruction...this tiny new life is given a chance...why can't we be more like this in the West????

Mad said...

That picture just takes my breath away.

monkey said...

your last two posts have helped me with my perspective so much, thank you. we're feeling sorry for ourselves because we hate the neighborhood where we live and rent here in los angeles is SO ridiculous that it's almost impossible to move anywhere nice, but then i read things like this and realize how lucky i really am. how full, how free.