Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kitchen - Before!

Big south facing window, smaller west facing window.

Sink and stove and door to side porch. The area back behind the sink wall is a 1/2 bath, laundry/mudroom area.
DOORS! From left to right - front entry hall, basement, diningroom, pantry.
Wood cookstove and door to livingroom.

We're switching the fridge and stove placement, and putting in a dishwasher and an enamelled farmhouse sink. The piece of furniture sitting in the middle of the room was a 1930's kitchen cabinet (douglas fir just like all the trim in the house!). It's too low by today's standards so we're going to set it on a base to raise it and replace the top with a piece of butcherblock. Papa Pan found it for me at a yard sale for 40.00.

Actually EVERYTHING in this room is yard sale finds. The old school desk was 10.00, the vintage table under the window was 30.00, the island, the farmhouse sink, our chairs for in here...we'll be using salvaged wood for the cabinets we plan to build too. The big expense will be the cookstove. It isn't CSA approved and we need to replace it. It's a secondary heat source and we're unwilling to lose the cookstove feature (hello power outages in Nova Scotia are an every season occurance - yesterday it was high winds!). Hard to find CSA approved secondhand ones.
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zoom said...

The before pictures of the kitchen are gorgeous! (Maybe it's not so functional yet, but it's gorgeous.)

Lynn said...

I'm in love with that little desk. Now I'm on a mission to find one (or two, or three!) for myself.

Good luck with the renovations...I think the place is lovely before, and it's sure to be stunning after!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing kitchen - just like ours back on the farm, complete with wood cookstove. (I just knew there would be one of those). There are a hell of a lot of doors in that kitchen though -- I guess that's what being the hub of the house is all about.

krista said...

one thing about living in los angeles: it is practically impossible to find an old school desk for 10.00
le sigh.