Sunday, June 13, 2010

I found a picture of our house in the Ontario archives!

“we toiled up a long and winding road with pleasant houses and farms on either hand, and at last reached the bank. The view which burst all at once on us was, I think (the) finest in my experiences of rural landscapes…the scene was so bewitching that we all burst into rapturous expressions which us men are rarely given to indulge. We lay and gazed for several minutes and then we did the inevitable, we each took a picture of it.”

1907 - August 15th

2010 June 11th

I wonder if you can spot us? If it helps any there is a two storey barn right behind the house and across the road is a long low white house and a very large dark barn, behind our house and across the road are orchards.
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Anonymous said...

So that quote actually was in reference to your land there! (I looked it up in the online archives)You should get a print of this photo and frame it for the living room!

Mud Mama said...

I'm contacting the archive to see if it's possible. Isn't that wild? I also found a picture from 1914 with a little boy sitting at the stile (near this shot) in the Nova Scotia archives that I'd like to get a print of.