Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day One of the Clean-up...

My favorite room in the house is the butler's pantry. Really, I'm in love with the hardworking farm history and the potential it has. There's the coolest flour bin in a barrel that pivots out on an iron thingamajig with a vented tin lid in one ccupboard. The room is pretty grimy right now and it's looking pretty ugly right now too. Its was wallpapered 15 years ago with mac tac. On removal I found that on the shelves the mac tac was papered over fresh latex paint over old oil paint! The ceiling is pressed board paper tiles. Icky...

Honey? I think we need a bigger cat!

The house was built when indoor plumbing was an after market consideration.
After discovering the latex sludge mess under the Mac Tac I decided new shelves might be a good investment.

Tomorrow I CLEAN, Today I got down all the Mac Tac.
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