Saturday, June 5, 2010

Entertaining Little People While We Work

A rainy day and no big sister to watch that Sprout doesn't wander off down the road meant entertaining the boys inside a near empty house.

We brought lots of drawing stuff and a basket of blocks.

They helped Papa Pan pull staples out of the floors we'd pulled up carpet frpm and helped pound nails down in the sunporch.

They spent most of their time playing Tag and Hide and Seek. Any bets on how long it'll be til someone hides in the flour bin?
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red fraggle said...

Is Sprout trying to shank Papa Pan?

The house looks beautiful. i couldn't possibly rebuild but if I had super powers like that, it would be an awesome project!

Anonymous said...

What a great old house. So many beautiful features -- the wood, this crazy flour barrel, the pantry, the sunporch. It reminds me so much of the farm house I grew up in. I guess they were all pretty standard. We had a pantry exactly like this (including the giant mice). I'd love to see the kitchen, too. You guys are going to have so much fun building it into a home.