Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathroom BEFORE

Peek through the door at the PROMISE this room has!

Clawfoot tub that takes 30 minutes to fill (we need a stronger water pump).

This sink'll be replaced with a 100.00 Bargain Harry edwardian styled pedastal sink we got...

And this toilet is being replaced with a toilet that matches the sink...before it falls through the floor into the kitchen below.

This room needs a lot of work but I took a bath there a couple of days ago. I was skeeved out by the rotting floor under the toilet and the sink. I wasn't feeling well and suddenly had that "transition - no going back but I really don't want this house today" moment. I sank into the water - absolutely unscented by chemical - deep well water, closed my eyes, felt the breeze on my shoulders, listened to the red wing blackbirds in the field behind me, and rested against that warm sloped back of the tubn and thought THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE ROOM IN THE HOUSE.

It'll be fabulous.
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