Monday, October 11, 2010

The upstairs landing - BEFORE

This is such a big space we've known it would be a library since we first saw the house.
Floor ceiling and Walls are painted steel grey. It's depressing despite all the light.
But we decided before we paint we need to deal with the creeping chaos that is all our books which are slowly crawwling from boxes and being littered about the floor. So we're making built in bookcases for this space.
Sprout insisted I take some pictures of him playing, so here's my favorite...twist my arm!
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Meagan @ The Happiest Mom said...

What a great space! Our landing is too small to be a whole library, but there's a perfect little corner that would make a great reading nook. It's currently #18 on our to-do list, LOL!

Mud Mama said...

Oh we can't fit everything in here either, we'll have another bit of shelving up in the kids space and more in the livingroom, and Darkmirror has all his in his room, and some in the studio....but thats exactly what we wanted, a warm little reading nook, we thrifted the perfect sized upholstered rocker for the kids during the summer and the bare bulb hanging in the hall will eventually get replaced with a swag reading light.

The big window faces north and has the most beautiful view of the farm next door, the winery's fields of grapes and the ridge beyond. It reflects all the seasons so we'll have our nature table here too.

Berta said...

I just noticed the design of the floorboards! Pretty cool!