Monday, October 4, 2010

I feel blessed today!

I entered a giveaway at Soulemama's blog for an Online retreat with Pema Chodron and I won!

This was my comment:   "The Places That Scare You and the work I did with it prepared me for reporting the sexual abuse I survived as a child. I'm waiting for it to go to trial right now, this couldn't happen at a better time!"

But I don't feel blessed because I won, I feel blessed with the compassion, generosity and good will extended by so many other Soulemama readers who said in their entry comments 'If I win, please give it to mudmama."

Thank you Amanda, Shambhala, Pema and all of the wonderful women and men who visit Soulemama!   



Merryweather said...

Oh wow, that's really something. Enjoy it!! xx

krista said...

hahah! oops. should have read this first! :-)
so excited for you!