Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corners of My Dollhouse

A special post by Nature Girl!

The hangars I made myself. I've also been sewing some clothes.
I like how the light shines on this and its more spectacular now, I've added more beads and made it into a triangle.
Begging for scraps while cooking rabbit stew.

Homemade flannel pillows I made, aren't they wonderful?

Nature Girl has been reading all the Borrower books and working on her dollhouse. She took my camera and documented it the other day. These are our favorite pictures. She described them for this post.
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red fraggle said...

Wow sweetie! These are beautiful. i love the little hangers and the pillows. It looks magical in the sunlight.

red fraggle said...

Also, the pictures themselves are stunning - you have a real knack for photography!

krista said...

nature girl!
i wish you lived closer to me in la so that you could have helped me design my daughter's dollhouse. your touch is exquisite. (and i agree with red fraggle: you have quite the eye.)