Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sprout turned THREE!!!!!!

He got a big red barn (look it needs to be mucked out) from Papa Pan and me and some animals from the kids. We're on the look out for a realistic tractor still. When you're a dedicated recycler/thrifter spending 50.00 on a new toy tractor is ridiculous. All told these cost us 22.00.
It was COLD last night, thank goodness for groggliy finding the duvets and the warmth of a brother and a puppy!
That puppy sure loves his boys.
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red fraggle said...

Willow yelled MAX!!! and I love the pumpkin tub. Is it the old one resealed and painted? We used the have a tub like that at the box cars my grandparents turned into cabins near Winnipeg. I LOVED it. And we had one stuffed with pillows in the living room at my dad's in toronto. Loved that too.

All my love to the family.

Mud Mama said...

Yes same tub! My lens fogged up a bit it's definitely a bit more orange than this shows, still creamy like the interior flesh of a pumpkin. It is a fabulous kid tub, so deep, great for pirate wars!