Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bathroom Reno Stage One

Oh my, the camera is misbehaving, I can only unload a few pictures before I get a message that the USB device is unrecognizable, so if you can troubleshoot for me send me a message.  But here is what I was able to get - the pumpkin tub!  A tiny glimpse of the new floor (we replaced all the boards with rot) and it is painted a moss green.  The walls are a creamy earthy yellow.

To follow I'll post more pics of the fixtures and the little cupboard we put in here to hold a days worth of towels etc...still to do in the immediate future - put up the shower surround and sew a shower curtain.  Put up vintage hooks to hold towels and find a toilet paper caddy we like.
Until then, this is the view from the toilet.  Best morning view in the world, makes me want to get up and pee!


Meagan Francis said...

Oh my gosh...I am totally COVETING that tub!

Mud Mama said...

I love my tub!!! The boys will like it better once we install the shower surround. Darkmirror's comment was "I don't like sitting in my own filth" LOL He goes to Duckie's mom's place for showers when it bothers him too much :-)