Monday, June 29, 2009

We're home from Quebec and Chiron East!

So glad the starter waited til Papa Pan was getting ready to pick me from Chiron to die officially.

I went to the South Shore Waldorf School right after we arrived home to do a 3 day conference on waldorf education.

I slept in the kindergarten the first night, and then at my friend Rebecca's the second. I visited the Pollination Project (it's a biodynamic farm that has just started opening up for workshops - Susun Weed will be there in July - for a movie and discussion on Saturday and ate sushi, sang songs, and marvelled at their beautiful strawbale houses and renovated barn.

I'll post about Chiron in more depth on the homeschool blog once I decompress a bit.

I got home to lots of email including a bunch of requests for Nature Girl and Wild Thing to go on playdates with friends from all over the place. I let them all know she'd be back in August and we'd have lots of time for beachcombing, and dressing up, and rolling through fields then.

Pictures in the next post!

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