Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My gift to Nature Girl

An "add a part" treehouse dollhouse (we'll be adding lots more tree stumps and levels and rope ladders and twig ladders etc. Nature Girl will be helping. I've got aeight more branches cut to add when she decides where she wants them.)
A needlefelted dollhouse family...our family. I have standing orders for a red squirrel and an owl to come live here too.
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red fraggle said...

These are beautiful. Are they hard to do? I would love to add to the family - maybe a mishappen kitty.

Mud Mama said...

I find needlefelting really fast and easy (each doll takes me about 30 minutes) and the results are much more predictable than wet felting. They aren't sturdy enough for little kids unless they're just played with on special occasions - like nature table animals.


I found this tutorial for you.

For little kids wet felted dolls are the way to go, I'm doing a family of wet felted pirates for Wild Thing for his birthday. I'm sure they'll storm the tree house!

Okay off we go (book ordering at chapters is done!)

gardenmama said...

These are stunning!!!
Exquisite job *sigh* : )