Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How do you deal with anxiety?

I go looking for colours and plan colour schemes.

This picture?

I'm matching colours from this painting for a whole interior home colour scheme.

My absolutely favourite wall colour is yellow but I can go overboard with it. I never get tired of it, but I live with 5 other people so I thought I'd attempt to find other colours that went well with yellow. That bright glowing yellow dead centre? Yum. I really like the golden greens in this too and well, the whole palatte, though I'd dull the reds for wall colours. The washed denim colour made me think that maybe denim is a good choice for covering my kitchen chairs - which are...disgusting now... and I need a cheap fix. I was looking at oil cloth but 35.00 a metre is way out of my price range and frankly, I hate sitting on vinyl covered chairs. Ick. I have this crazy idea that denim seat covers would look good splattered with tomato sauce and crayon ...well they'd look like the kids and me so at least they'd fit in!

What does this colour scheme say to you?

I'm a little afraid it says "forced and fake happiness" as that's where my anxiety rests ...the kids go to Ottawa for 6 weeks starting friday...if the garage figures out why our starter is on the fritz and can fix it by then. It also begs the question "Where on earth did Papa Pan leave the cellphone??? And " How is Dark Mirror doing on his exzam this morning?" and "Why on earth is Nature Girl's upper lip swelling up again?" and "I wonder if Wild Thing will have a dry night regression in Ottawa and will he be okay there for 6 weeks?"
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zoom said...

I love those colours. Maybe when you're here, you can help me choose colours for my place. I am hopelessly indecisive.

deb said...

I love that piece of fabric too...the colours speak to me.