Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We lost the house we were going to buy...

So now we've been madly scrambling to find another place we can afford.

A preview of our next option....


How to totally strip the character from a century old home: throw out the clawfoot tub (300.oo to have resurfaced) and replace it with a fiberglass surround tub, .99 cent tiles to cover the wideplank pine floor and the cheapest fiberglass vanity sink you can find to replace the old enamel one!

Then cover the rest of the softwood flooring upstairs with engineered flooring, a different colour in every room (hey it was on sale!)
Oh, and instead of reusing the beautiful wooden mouldings the house came with (see above), replace all of them with MDF fiberboard cause it's fast and easy to work with.

Throw out those 1920's kitchen cabinets - who wants an unfitted kitchen??? Replace them with the cheapest kitchen in a box cabinets you can get at canadian tire.

Oh we have extra tiles left over, netter not waste them, cover up some original oak flooring for good measure.

To finish of your destruction of vintage character rip off all the cedar shake and replace it with beige plastic siding.


BUT....location location location, and it could be returned to its original cute gothic cottage feel. And it has a massive barn with 100 amp service and an insulated woodworking shop already in place.
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