Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We've been too swamped to blog.

Literally and figuratively! (we have some water damage in the basement playroom when the snow got banked too high on the south side of the house. Its not as bad as we first thought but my beautiful lazured room is getting all new drywall and a new floor! *sniff*).

BUT I must post the great freecycle gift we got - giant 30cmx30cm alphabet puzzle tiles! We made a rug with them that COVERS the floor in the kid's room and we started by making it into a family name word search.

Now Nature Girl and I have started playing letter "simon says" on it and a sort of word version of twister. Wild Thing is pretty resistant to any writing of his name etc, but he loves the puzzle aspect of this (the individual leters pop out of the tiles) and is getting everything squared away in his brain about how the letters should look to go into the puzzle.


Lynn said...

We have a similar puzzle, albeit smaller. We like to play a spelling game -- the kids have to spell out words by jumping from one letter to the next. It's awesome!

red fraggle said...

I would love to see pictures!