Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day from my flock to yours!

Our morning started as usual, with a pileup in the livingroom. (Darkmirror is still asleep)

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We were then visited by a huge flock of Bohemian Waxwings! I couldn't get great photos ...hmmmm need fabulous ZOOM lens next.

Some waxwings closer up.

Then I gave them my valentines gift - a flock of lovebirds, which, given our visitors soon were renamed Bohemian Lovebirds.


red fraggle said...

Happy Valentines day to all! Those lovebirds look wonderful- did you use a pattern? There is a package on the way for the kids , if it hasn't arrived yet. Hope everyones day is full of love.

Mud Mama said...

It arrived! And they gobbled up their cookies right away :-)

I'm home holding down the fort, they're off socializing. I'll have them call when they get home.

No pattern, just old felted sweater scraps and an idea. I spent hours being frustrated by the entire "balance" thing and sticks I was going to have them sitting on. So I ended up taking the easy way out and attaching them all to this ring I had lying about. Next year...with more sleep, and less toddler trying to eat my needles, I'll fill a tree :-)

red fraggle said...

Oh to be spatially and artistically gifted :). we were just about to call when I read this. We may be out a bit this afternoon but if we miss them we'll call when we get in. Enjoy your alone time!