Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is why we stayed up all night last night

This is Nature Girl "gone away behind her eyes". We hope it is daydreaming, but it might be absence seizures. Enough people have noticed them (besides me) that it was decided we needed an EEG to rule them out.

This was about 3 seconds after I took the first picture.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I got used to the ADHD label, we're coping with the dyslexia and dyscalcia and her intense school performance anxiety.

While EPILEPSY is a really scary word most kids outgrow these things. You don't outgrow ADHD.

Maybe this would be better?

I really just want an emotionally healthy kid.

I'm returning to add a few more pictures - the picture above was taken while Nature Girl was unwrapping her Christmas stocking gifts. Most of the pictures I have of her like this are during events that are engaging - and I have the camera out for them! Part of the test to say "this is daydreaming" is that it happens when the child doesn't feel engaged in what they are doing. This was during her 4th birthday party

Hamming for the camera as usual.

Gone behind her eyes.

2 seconds later she's back but a bit confused.

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red fraggle said...

we'll be calling tonight - we told ng we would. I hope all goes well.

zoom said...

When she's "behind her eyes" does she respond to you if you talk to her? Can you bring her back, or do you have to wait it out?

Mud Mama said...

We have to wait, but these are really short spells - a few seconds to *maybe* 45 seconds. But that might be an LD or ADHD too, Nature Girl can't reply to things you ask immediately a lot of the time.

red fraggle said...

that last smile where she is opening gifts is soo a Tyren grin1

Mad said...

Does she have any other symptoms or triggers like light sensitivity?

Mud Mama said...

She cannot watch tv - it spaces her out more than usual. We notice it most if she's over excited, anxious, early in the morning, and if she watches television.