Monday, February 2, 2009

Wild Things most excellent wipeout

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red fraggle said...

awesome sledding pictures - looks like everyone had a great time. Sprout is sledding already? Emily wants top send Willow down a hill but I worry. She has a sled though. Great on the canal!

Mud Mama said...

Sprout can go down with Papa Pan. He is a lot slower that Nature Girl and Wild Thing (they were the fastest kids on the hill - and the luge (I close my eyes and sing so I can't hear them WHIZZ by!)

He loves to sled, but he doesn't like snow getting in his face. When he's had enough he sits and eats snow.

red fraggle said...

Aunty Jehnny used to work at a luge in Tremblent - I know she'll take the kids there someday soon - I'll be in the lodge drinking hot chocolate.