Friday, June 13, 2008

This'll likely cause OMA some PTSD discomfort

Last night was the Wolfville School funfair...cake walks, alien crash site investigation, giant castle jumper, finger nail polish and finger casts!

I am just so impressed, really AWED with mommy bloggers who can remember to take photos! I usually leave the camera because the Sprout'll chew on it and yank it from me if I'm taking pictures and if Papa Pan has the Sprout another child has me by the hand taking me on another adventure!

So here's our photographic evidence, a day late. The much covetted broken bone cast. Nature Girl is SO envious of E in her clas;, not only did she break her arm and get a cast everyone could sign, it was set improperly so she got to go to IWK and have it broken and reset again and ANOTHER cast!!! How cool is that????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oma? Care to weigh in?


monkey said...

OH MAN! finger casts??? when i was in elementary school, i always wanted a broken bone. okay, not really, wanted i actually wanted was a cast! what a great idea...i wish my school would have thought of it...

Oma said...

Thank heaven young bones are flexible and will likely heal well despite all that ... but I NEVER want to be in a cast again ... and certainly do not ever want to have to have a finger bone broken again, screwed together and reset. Maybe when Arrow takes a good look at my weird finger, she will decide to keep her own intact.