Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh I love taking the crew to the dentist!

No, seriously I do!

I have heard horror stories about moms getting chastized for extended nursing and nighttime nursing ruining their kids teeth. Mom's chastized for not using flouride with their kids.

My kids have PERFECT teeth and when they ask about their oral hygiene and our habits they're always amazed and I get to chat about the PROTECTION that breastmilk affords teeth.

Of course, my kids eat mainly raw foods (fruits and veggieholics they are!), very little juice, very little processed sugar. I'm sure that contributes too. But we really aren't freaks about it - ask Zoom - I let my kids eat candy in lieu of the big family Christmas dinner! - and they do eat that big bugaboo dried fruit and real fruit leather (I LOVE that stuff!)


RunninL8 said...

veggies + children=?!?!?!?!?
Do you prepare or serve them in any particular way to "engage" their interest?
I'm hoping to cultivate a amiable relationship between my daughter and a few choice veggies by growing them ourselves. Hopefully the whole process will entice her. Nothin like fresh organic veggies.

XUP said...

My daughter was on the boobie until she was 4 1/2. She's never had floridated toothpaste. She's 15 1/2 and has never had a cavity and has perfectly straight, white teeth.