Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've written a lot about my belief

That children do not need toys - any toys. There are 10 archetypical toys kids need, but in the absence of them they will make them themselves.

This is a cabbage baby. It is not made of cabbage leaves but "cabbage baby" is what Nature Girl calls them.

Here is an unfinished cabbage baby she is making for her her best friend.

Here's the oldest cabbage baby I could find in the yard. These are resting on cradles - otherwise known as split logs or firewood.

Before you scoff and say "she makes them because all you give her to play with are sticks and stones!" Nature Girl has THREE American Girl type dolls. She NEVER plays with them. The doll she is making for her friend, her friend begged her to make her one. The same girl who had a Build a Bear birthday party.

Really, your kids don't need toys!!!


KEM said...

Akiva right now is playing with his potty (don't worry, it's clean). His other favorite indoor toys: the vacuum cleaner, anything from the recycling bin, an old fax machine... His three toy baskets around the house go untouched 95% of the time.

Rebecca said...

I wish this were true of my children, but they've been provided with too much technology. :P I DO, however, remember this kind of thing very well from my own childhood. At school we would use what we could find on the playground as toys, usually rocks or sticks. They were named, had personalities and were hidden in special places so we could find them again.
I also had a dead fly in a paper box in my desk (don't ask about that one).

monkey said...

when i was really little, my favorite toys were pots, pans, wooden spoons, ladles. i would sit for hours and play, play, play. they were also my favorite bathtub toys. maybe we had bathtub toys...but i can't recall any of them.