Thursday, June 5, 2008

Playroom Series - Part Two: CEILING

So what to do with an ugly ceiling of stucco stalactites?

I took my cue from the Waldorf schools I've visited that have been in real "make do" locations. Parsifal has a lovely old school building now, but at one time it was housed in an ugly, kinda run down, nondescript institutional boxy school behind the Canadian Tire in Ottawa's south end. They had decorated it beautifully though, and the biggest thing that changed the space was draping those ugly ceilings!

I thought it would be a good idea for my basement too.

But that is a lot of yardage of fabric! The room is 24x14!

I got these silk saris on e-bay some time ago. With shipping from India they were 1.00 a metre. It isn't finished along the edges and it's really hard to sew with, it shreds easily. I didn't have any choice in colours and got a mix of earthy shades that I'm going to use upstairs in the living/dining room, but there were four lovely mid shade pastels too.

I pinned them up with thumb tacks.

Next post on dealing with miserly little basement windows!


myartemismoon said...

Can't wait for the next installment!

Rebecca said...

I can tell you what I recently saw on the Home & Garden channel the other day!
It was on Candice Olsen's show (divine design)... normally she will hang long drapes, which gives the illusion of a larger window, but is still too dark IMO. On the show I just watched, she hung mirrors below the window, with blinds over them and it really gave the look of a full *window*, while still letting in light and also *reflecting* light.
You may have something better in mind, but I wanted to pass that idea along.

Mud Mama said...

Oh this is a great idea! I am planning on putting a sheer white muslin faux roman blind in that window you see above, mirroring below it would definitely help bring in more light!. The windows on the other wall stretch across the whole room but are short too...we're going to leave them clear (exit from the basement in event of a fire) but decorate in the centre with hanging suncatchers and some plants that hang down the wall - ivy etc