Saturday, December 5, 2009

Putting my Money where my Mouth Is

I won a giveaway! I won a gift certificate to Imagine Childhood on Soulemama's blog ! I'm so excited!

So what am I getting during this week we've been concentrating so fully on decluttering and simplifying?

Field Guide posters that we've been drooling over for months for the empty walls of the playroom

Crayon Rocks which I've been drooling over for months for the art supplies

a Nature Exploration Fundana with all sots of info on it for Nature Walks
Bird call whistles we've been looking for months also for Nature Walks

A Firestarter for our beach bonfires and camping

And one book which we had to return to the library and I was planning on ordering because Wild Thing mentions it every day, it's about a boy and his chicken- All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant and Nikki McClure.


We'd buy tons more if I could afford the shipping and taxes at the border. Snowshoes and a kicksled and mushing kit, nature kits, beautiful Artemis natural pigment crayons and watercolours. I'm telling you, this is my absolute favorite toystore on the planet.


krista said...

congratulations!!! holy cow, woman, there were over 1000 entries by the time i entered that giveaway.
i couldn't be happier that it is going to you...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a fabulous score!

krista said...

a quick little note to send you the largest and most comfortable hug i can via these interwebs. your words touched me so and i am indebted. thank YOU.