Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nature Girl made crayons for her younger siblings and friends!

These are a really good way to use up old crayon stubs...or masses of crayons that you can't stand going through the laundry, being stolen by toddlers to draw on the wall, eaten by the dog who is on a diet...ahem. Auntie Zoom gave them like a hundred crayons this past year! It's okay, I still love you :-) Next year give them a puppy though :-)

Get children to peel the crayons

Break them up into bits

Make little piles of the colours you want to combine. We did the rainbow, and then greys and silver mixed and earth colours and then wild crazy scribble cookie mixtures.
Put them into an icecube tray (ours are from Ikea, they're silicone)
Put in the oven on a tray at 200 degrees until they melt.
Take them out and let them cool.
Once cool cold pop them out.

We experimented with freezing them, but with shapes they'll break (poor little broken hearts!) if you pop them out when they are cold.


red fraggle said...


zoom said...


Do you think Sam would like a drum kit?

Love Auntie Zoom

Mud Mama said...

I am all over a drum kit! (Santa is bringing a percussion pig from Vietnam) We love noisemakers of all kinds here.

krista said...

those crayons are so so beautiful. next year's christmas presents from finn. (who am i kidding? she won't be old enough next year to make those. i'm totally doing it for myself!)