Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am very excited about one of Wild Things Christmas Gifts

Papa Pan just picked up his copy at the Box of Delights bookstore.

I can already hear the mad giggling when he opens it.

Not only is this a BEAUTIFUL ENCHANTING bound for CLASSIC status book. It is LOCAL!


krista said...

i've been hearing so much about this book! i suppose it should be under the tree for finn this year, shouldn't it?

Mud Mama said...

You might have a hard time getting it for Christmas this year.

My local bookstore has bigger bookstores trying to buy their copies. I think we can find it because we're an hour from where it's set!

If not this Christmas definitely get it for when she's ready for a read aloud. It is PERFECT for my kids because there's a little boy pirate hunter like Wild Thing and the girl in it IS Nature Girl

Angie Muresan said...

Mud Mama, I have been meaning to come by earlier in the day. Absolutely loved your guestblogging on Krista's site.
I am so sorry to read what you went through. I believe that the real heroes and survivors are women and men like you, who have survived the worst cruelty possibly done to a child. I am thrilled to hear you have finally found your peace and live a hopeful loving life. Blessings!

sweetsalty kate said...

Hey Mud Mama - this was so lovely, I'm happy you got a copy. A pretty thing, isn't it? Sydney and Nimbus did such an amazing job of it, holding it is surreal.

Tell me more about big stores trying to buy copies from little stores!?!? For real? I hadn't heard this. Flabbergasted. Can you tell me more?

(on a related note, they're already talking about a second edition - and also, they're expecting the publisher's stock to increase a little after Christmas because apparently, retailers tend to overstock for December and then send back unsold copies in January. Which means supply might increase again a little after Christmas, unless... well... who knows!)

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