Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is unlike me but I have a wishlist of things for ME

We're working hard on Nanowrimo here, and finding our forever home and things are just getting better and better on that front....and then came children with wishlists for the holidays and them asking me what I want...

ME, MY wishlists are usually for things for them...children's books and nice paintbrushes and paint for children.

But this year I have a few no particular order

a kicksled
a gift certificate for 25 dual purpose chanticleer chicks
a really old sewing machine that can handle denim and straight stitching
cool canning supplies (a magnet lid lifter, a big stainless pot tall enough for hotsealing big jars of tomato sauce)
a sheep, a friendly sheep of any parentage who'll put up with me learning to shear.
A pregnant canadian cow
A heddle weaving class

I'll post pictures of where I'd keep all these things tomorrow.


Sidonie said...

I would love to bless you with a sheep....just one would have to come to Missouri to pick him up! If you are in the area, let me know, and I can hook you up.


red fraggle said...

I know someone here who could help you with most of this wish list. She has goats on her porch right now. Try Craigslist. Seriously.

Can you pass along or have the kids pass along the part of the wish list that isn't already covered?

Mud Mama said...

I was up with the Sprout last night and perusing Kijiji - I could outfit the whole farm (including a canadian horse team Nature Girl and Wild Thing are begging for) for about 6000 if I was willing to hire a trainer for the horses - bump it up to 10 000 for an older trained team. I can get us started with goats chickens guinea, a sheep and a breeding pair of rabbits for under 500! But this is the time to buy them because people don't want to have to overwinter them! I wonder if Darkmirror would mind sharing his room with a couple pregnant goats?

Mud Mama said...

Ah Sidonie, Missori is a wee bit far for us to wander! I'd love to visit sometime though!

Oma said...

I went to the pottery show yesterday and found one of the items on your wish list ... a pair in fact ...