Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nanowrimo Day 1

Showing the House Tomorrow - Four Giant Mess and Sawdust Producing Home Improvement Projects on the Go - One kid sick in bed, three into everything. Cat scratching fresh paint, dog rolling in something dead

Word Count: :375

Lest you think I’m some holier than thou whole foods locavore purist, thanks to Nanowrimo, my kids will live on canned soup and frozen pizza during the month of November.

Table of Contents (Cause a list starts things right!)

The Basics – Tools you need to have in your kitchen and those you really don’t

Snake Oil – Processed condiments and ingredients you never need to buy

Buying local – The Farmer’s Market and the Grocery Store – Simple no extra time commitment activism

How to use up what you have every week

The real secret to being a locavore: eat in season until you can’t imagine looking at that food again.

Putting Food Up: Flash Frozen Foods and Demystifying Canning

No Need to Knead: breads, buns, biscuits, and other bread like foods

No knead bread is the greatest invention since sliced bread, in fact it is way better than sliced bread because it is bread that does it’s rise in the length of time it takes to preheat the oven. 30 minutes later you have a loaf that looks like you bought it at a fancy boulangerie.

Basic Bread Recipe

Whole wheat version

Spelt version

Cinnamon raisin bread version

Pizza dough

Cinnamon bun Version

Basic Biscuits

Jazzing them up ten different ways

Batter Blaster Blast

Basic Pancakes

How to Make Pancakes a whole meal

Basic Batter Bread

Soda Breads

Molasses Bread

The Dirty Dozen: meals you can make with your eyes closed

How to pick your twelve and adapt them for 4 seasons

No fuss whole chicken

Sausage and Egg Noodles

Frittatas – The omelette full of leftovers

“Mexican Night”

“Pizza Night”

Dijon Something or Other”

“Asian Night”

Grill Everything in Sight

Potatoes and Onions and…

Monster Salad

Multicultural Meatloaf

Macaroni and Cheese

Soup Stains Cover a Multitude of Sins

Stock – The Holy Grail and the chipped cup that’ll do until you make some real stock.

Potato Based Soup

Vegetable Based Soup

Poultry Based Soup

Beef Based Soup

Fish Based Soup

Everything is In the Kitchen Sink – One Pot Meals

Simmered Chicken

Spaghetti Sauce


Baked Beans

Holiday Favorites the Locavore Way

Desserts to Prevent Mutiny

Gardening for Black Thumbs

Becoming a lowercase foodie

Books Worth Reading - Reviews

Cookbooks Worth Reading - Reviews

Websites Worth Visiting - Reviews


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You write it; I'll buy it!

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me too! me too! (will buy it, i mean)