Sunday, November 1, 2009

I forgot to take halloween pictures!

But given the fact that my kids have a tendency to dress in costume every's a picture from earlier in the week.
It's sort of a big deal around these parts - this is from the Pumpkin People Festival.

Nature Girl was a vampire, Wild Thing was little red robin hood, and then it got windy and his hat blew off and he decided I should wear his hat and be a green old lady and he would be a red ghost, Sprout was a pumpkin, and Darkmirror got all dressed up as a skeleton and then he felt too sick to go out with us. It was beautiful out - 20 degrees, a full moon, and wispy clouds scudding by.

I'd just finished painting the front door dark oxblood red and we were afraid that the caution tape and red glistening door would just look like a halloween decoration so Papa Pan hung out in the yard handing out candy.

When the kids got home from trick or treating they gave Darkmirror a third. Darkmirror came out to look at the moon and handed out candy when I took the dog for her nightly run to the edge of the orchard. He got a HUGE laugh out of the fact Mica (a husky) terrified some teen Trick or Treaters. Mica takes off at a run as soon as she can (ex sled dog) and we follow at her pace as long as we can. It's a long leash and I was in shadow so all the kids saw was this wolf grey canine running full tilt at them. They ran screaming "COYOTE!!!"

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red fraggle said...

Great witchy pointing - I love the red hat too!.