Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yesterday Papa Pan got lost in the woods with Nature Girl and Wild Thing.

He took them to find a swimming hole we were told about. I needed to have relative peace and quiet at home for a tutoring session. They were to be gone two hours. Well the two hours ended my tutor packed up and we said our goodbyes. Sprout was up from his nap and they still didn't show. After 4 hours I was miffed. The plan was they'd collect the rest of us for a swim at Lumsden and a picnic dinner there. I thought they were having so much fun they'd just blown the rest of us off.

Then the phone rang. Papa Pan was at the lumber mill waiting for a cab to pick him up and take them back to the car. They got lost and zigged when they should have zagged and went right past the car. When they got home they were full of the story...and blackberries. Wild Thing ate so many he threw up some. But he was still in great spirits.

According to Nature Girl "We survived on blackberries, corn from a field, and green apples!"

We used Google Earth this morning to see their path. It looks really impressive if you avoid looking at the scale. But it was a 6 km hike through unknown territory. I think that counts as a great adventure.

After they all washed up and cooled off and drank a ton of water we went to Lumsden Dam to swim in the twilight. Darkmirror was unwilling to join us as our "adventures" like this tend to come in clusters and he wasn't willing to get lost in the dark with us.

Editted to add:

"Oh and the best thing was that Papa Pan got peed on by a giant toad before we got lost She was brown. We also found trees that had been chewed down by beavers." - Nature Girl


-- said...


love to the kids - willow is feverish and clingy today - i'll call tomorrow.

-- said...

that was kathy actually.

zoom said...

Did Papa Pan enjoy it as much as the kids did? (Now you have another reason to save up for a handheld geocaching GPS receiver! When you get out of the car, you mark its coordinates, and then you should be able to find your way back to it from wherever you end up.)

Mud Mama said...

Papa Pan had a great time! He was covered in lackberry scratches and needed a shower, but he loves this kind of thing.

The next day his shoulders were kinda tight - Wild Thing needed a ride the last bit.

Carolyn said...

That _is_ a grand adventure!! (love the pee part, too!)