Saturday, August 15, 2009

I didn't get picks of Sprout's AMAZING face full of HIVES

These two enjoyed the face painting, the parachute games, the wading pools (empty), the Kindermusik class and generally running wild on a real live farm.

Sprout ate an apple full of worms and broke out in the worst hives I've ever seen.

Later on icecream smoothed out everything ...a bit.

Oh! And Wild Thing and I might be in the paper, the reporter/photographer really liked us dancing.
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krista said...

NO...hives??? boo.
i had hives once when i was about 11 and i have not been that miserable since.
poor thing.

p.s. are you ever just taken aback by nature girl's beauty? it's ethereal and a tad bit frightening, as exceptional beauty usually is.

p.p.s. of course, the others are beautiful as well! i hope you knew i meant that!