Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cake and a Tummy Ache

Papa Pan mused that he wanted some Nature Girl rolled up the sleeves on her medieval tunic and made him a lemon blueberry cake..with lemon cream cheese glaze and extra blueberries.
Wild Thing hugged the warm stove because he was cold ...a sure sign he was coming down with something. He was sick all night. Poor baby.
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red fraggle said...

so thats the cake - beautiful! huggies to wt. i hope he is feeling better today!!


krista said...

that cake looks AMAZING!

Mud Mama said...

He is Kathy!

Krista the secret to cake baking with kids is to get a pan with a built in swivel cutter that keeps it from getting stuck to the bottom. No disaters when the cake sticks. We often mix up the cake right in the pan (I totally recommend Mollie Katzen's kid's cookbooks (Honest Pretzels vegan chocolate cake EXCELLENT) but this is a modified 1234 cake from Fanny at Chez Panisse (Alice Waters) - also excellent but more steps.

red fraggle said...

NG - you inspired me last night and when I got home looking for sweets a whipped together a cake mix and added blueberries!

I was thinking of how you make everything more fun on the way home last night. Thanks!