Saturday, August 29, 2009

After we left the Museum We Almost Visited Oak Island

We had dinner at a friend's house who lives 300 metres from the causeway that goes over to the REAL PIRATE TREASURE ISLAND - OAK ISLAND. After dinner Nature Girl and her friend Anaximander got into a history computer game called Empire: Total War and we went for a walk with Wild Thing and Sprout, over to look at Oak Island.
Real cannons! This is not a touristy place. The entire island is owned by treasure seekers - rivalries exist! One group of owners built the causeway (which was supposed to be dismantled afterwards) to get heavy machinery onto the island. They still make all the other owners take barges and boats across!

We think a skull and crossbones would have been more appropriate on the sign.
Maybe next time we'll sail out to Tancook Island - sparkling in the distance.
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Tan Family said...

You take your kids to interesting places! I'm enjoying reading your blog posts. :)

Mud Mama said...

THank you so muych Jennifer! I'm loving yours too!

pointform said...

Wild Thing must have been in heaven - "real" buried pirate treasure. People have been digging in that pit for like 200 years, makes a good story though.