Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Darkmirror says I'm on another insane hippie kick

He says 60% of the food available is processed crap, and readily admits it is likely toxic but he's all zen about shorter lifespans and chronic illnesses because we have SCIENCE.

I've been reading horror stories about breakfast cereal. I've decided to make my own. The kids won't be pleased, it is the junk food I allow in the house. Cornflakes have to go, and puffed wheat is a MENACE, and don't get me started on the sugary stuff!

So I'm sprouting wheat and making yogurt and planning a big yummy healthy granola with cinnamon and vanilla and dried fruit.

And then I'm looking for gluten free casserole recipes that freeze well to take to Mary and Andy.


red fraggle said...

i suggested to DM that he pour pop over chips if he gets desperate. :) I`m sure you don`t have those either.

Home made granola sounds yummy - here, pancakes are my fall back plan. Yum.

Mud Mama said...

We banned pop a few months ago...once the littles started asking for it. Until then we had it on pizza night and Darkmirror could always have some at other times. Chips...geez I think there's a bag of tortilla chips at the back of the pantry but we seriously don't eat them often. I keep a bag for emergency nachos when I don't have time to cook.

I sprouted wheat berries in yogurt and tonight they go into the dehydrator then pulsed up in the food processor then mixed up with cinnamon, vanilla, dried cranberries, almonds, maple sugar and rolled oats and a bit of apple cider. Then back into the dehydrator so it'll keep on the shelf instead of in the fridge. We'll see if it satisfies their desire for crunchy cereal. I'm going for an approximation of DM's favorite cereal which is super expensive and an organic version of ...geez what is the name...Vector

red fraggle said...

that sounds so much better than Vector - which tastes like .. dried up crusts and iron?

Chips here are for DND night though I must admit that the salty goodness of plain old half salt chips gets me every time. We keep them up high where I can't reach.

Cereal is really pricey - and DM hates it stake , which i believe he thinks happens in a week. :)

Did he tell you about free coffee and Harvey's days?

deb said...

I stopped at the Harveys in Carleton Place this week and met the nicest owner. He was telling me that Sunday is free harveys burger day across Canada to thank all of their patrons. What a great idea.