Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crazy busy a reminder to breathe

and appreciate daily rituals, like bedtime...

Sprout who has "bubbas" and "babee" and giggles through his prayer and says "nigh nigh".
Nature Girl on her very last night as an eight year old.

Wild Thing who always brings his day's adventures to bed - the duck races balloon and bubbles - and his trusty bedtime buddy gnomey baby.
The newest addition to the bedtime ritual, after warm milk and vitamins, bathroom, brush teeth, into jammies,  but before prayers and kisses and hugs is putting glasses on snow bear.  I love that Wild Thing does this - way cuter than a glasses case!

Good night, sleep tight!


Oma said...

I miss you all, especially this weekend as we wait for news, and today because it is Arrow's birthday.

Happy Birthday, my little Gemini Dragon.

red fraggle said...

love to all from all of us. Willow loves the pictures and we look at them every day.

Rachael said...

Hi there!
Trying to get together a secret surprise blanket for Zoom in her rough time right now. Will you email me if you're interested in contributing a knit square?
(Forgive me if I've already contacted you -- I may be duplicating my efforts now.....)