Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annual Waldorf May Fair at the South Shore Waldorf School

Nature Girl met up with some Wolfville/Summerville friends.  WildThing and Sprout tagged along
As Blockhouse is just down the road from Lunenberg we had to stop by the Bluenose.  Wild Thing asked me to ask the crew if they were pirates.  They told him no, they were just sailors.  He told me to tell them if they stole stuff they could still be pirates.  They were amused.  And amusing - they were oiling the deck and wearing plastic bags on their feet. We'll come back in August when we can get a tour, and are going to take the kids to the Sea Monster exhibit at the Maritime museum, and hopefully (depending on $$$ - whale watching)  Darkmirror is excited about the giant squid exhibit in the Sea Monster's exhibit.
Sprout loved the sandpit and ate his weight while we were there.

Wild Thing of course went for pirate face painting.

Darkmirror was camera shy, but he ate his weight in hamburgers.

I caught up with a bunch of friends,  am envious of those going for their teacher training next year in Toronto, this summer in BC, and am hoping to be back from Ottawa in time for Chiron East (grade intensives this year!)

Papa Pan has been totally swayed.  He might do the grade intensive too! 

The kids spent their tickets on popcorn, organic lemonade, homemade playdough, dreamcatchers, and flying birdies.  The cakewalk was a bust (I really hate those things!) but they got cupcakes as consolation prizes.  I bid on a piece of art (4 sparrow chicks in a nest) in the silent auction but didn't win cause I was too broke to give a real bid.  Papa Pan isn't into paintings - he loves wood - and fell int love with a dutch woodworker's work (BEAUTIFUL stuff that uses the curves of the rings to make images)


red fraggle said...

Looks like an awesome day. Tell DM to get his mug in front of the camera - I miss his mug!

red fraggle said...

so i looked up cake walks - what a strange event to still do.

Was this a dance competition?

Mud Mama said...

No they all skip around a circle marked with numbers and when the music stops a number is drawn from a basket and whoever is standing on that number wins their choice of the cakes donated. EVERYONE does them here - every school. I HATE THEM. Worst of all (from Nature Girl's perspective) is that there's no rule that if you've won a cake you need to stop playing so some kids win 4 or 5 cakes and others win none. They raise a lot of money with the cakewalk, but it's like human roulette. I'm banning participation in the cakewalk at the School Fair on Thursday.

red fraggle said...

and the roots of the whole thing are sketchy. I've never had to do this at school. It sounds stressful! Good idea on the ban - just send them with cupcakes:).

School fair - sounds like more fun!

I want to make that dandelion bread - I know they don't use pesticides in city parks but do you think they would be ok?

Mud Mama said...

Yup, stay away from beside roads and sidewalks and collect them in the morning if you're using a public park. They don't need to be opened up to the sun yet.

If you know they don't use pesticides/herbicides your biggest threat in a public park is dog pee.

red fraggle said...

MMm.. dog pee. Thanks! We may head out after nap time. i am having trouble focusing today. Need a day off.

When was your last day off? I guess good days are off - on days are off? I'm a nut today.

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