Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wild Thing's Passionate Side

We have a short list of school supplies to get Nature Girl because the studio is so well stocked. A few specific pens and a bunch of scribblers. As I was packing her bag with the requirements Wild Thing got very upset at the idea that she was going to be going back to school. He loves his big sister to bits.

They squabble...sometimes a lot. They tease one another sometimes. The boys gang up on Nature Girl sometimes. Everyone gets an elbow in when they're all vyying for my lap at the same time.

Yesterday Nature Girl had a huge melodramatic cascading meltdown and I had to hold her still to talk to her before sending her to her room to calm down As she was screaming like a banshee Wild Thing thought I must be hurting her and ran up and pummelled me with his little fists yelling "Be NICE to my sister!"

I can't remember exactly what the meltdown was about (the joys of short term mommy memory loss!), but Wild Thing's gallant defense of his sister will never be forgotten.

He's my SWEET boy. He greets you with a big wide grin, blowing kisses and offering "huggies" all around. Sprout is starting to play with the bigger kids and Wild Thing is alternately protective and frustrated with the clumsy destruction that a 10 month old brings to the table. He is always gentle though.

I love my little brother to bits now too...but I don't remember feeling as sweet on him as a child.

My kids are all so KIND to one another, it makes my heart swell.

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Beck said...

There is NOTHING like the feeling of joy I get from seeing my children be FRIENDS with each other! TOday The Boy and The Baby where walking hand in hand down the street, and he was being SO gentle that I thought my heart would break.