Saturday, August 16, 2008

My name is the Sprout...

and I am the pukiest baby in the world. I also hate to sleep. I have lost some weight too.

My papa has always said "That's not normal!" about my vomitting all over the place, and mummy has always said "Babies puke, get used to it." My big sister Nature Girl was a puker too, but she stopped when she was 6 months old. Since I started solids I've been puking just the same but I'm sleeping even less than before. Mummy's pretty relaxed, but she's decided "That's not normal!" too. On a good night I sleep from 9:30 to 11:00 and then I'm up every hour to nurse and fret and fret some more I hate lying down. On a bad night I sleep from 9:30 to 11:00 and then I am crying and fretting and trying to sit up and arching every 20 minutes.

So on Tuesday I go to see the pediatrician to figure out why I puke my body weight every day, and why I never sleep. Mummy thinks I might have reflux.

I'm not a cranky baby though...but then again I'm so tough I never complained about my broken collar bone either, so mummy is really worried that I'm so used to being in pain I don't know any other sensation.

Please pray that the doctors don't decide I need invasive scary tests. Mummy's really worried about that too.


monkey said...

my little monkey never sleeps more than three to four hours at a time but after she feeds and cuddles a bit, will go back to sleep. never again will i take those few hours for granted. or the fact that she's pretty much scheduled herself as a 'tired at eight...not asleep till about ten'. at least once i get her down, she stays asleep for hours at a time. you will be my inspiration in the middle of the night when i feel i'm losing my patience.
and i'm also thinking good thoughts about sprout's health as well. that it's just normal, run of the mill, i'm trying to get used to my little tiny human body type of stuff.

zoom said...

I hope it's just that he's got an immature digestive system that he still needs to grow into. Or maybe his esophagus is shorter than average. Or maybe it's just that he'd be perfect without this one thing, and nobody's allowed to be perfect. ;)

thegoodwitch said...

As the wife of a chiropractor, and the mother of two oft-adjusted little munchkins, I can heartily recommend having Sprout assessed by a paediatric chiropractor. You can locate on in your are via the ICPA (Int'l. Chiro. Ped. Assoc.). not trying to be pushy, but we see adjustments work for reflux ALL THE TIME, and no drugs or surgery. Good luck!