Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sci Fi Pills and Prayer Meetings

"What's in that syringe?" Sprout asked me

"A Rapid Dissolve Proton Pump Inhibitor." I answered

"Cool!" Sprout exclaimed and sucked it up.

It's reflux, and there's no need to do any invasive tests unless he keeps on losing weight. He's going to take Prevacid - the Proton Pump Inhibitor - until the vomitting is under control, probably by age 2. It won't stop the vomitting, not at all! But it will help him sleep by reducing the acidity of what comes up his wee throat. Yesterday he vomitted 8 times, not bad!

Nature Girl had a sleepover with her friend the Rock Hound. I came down to find them huddled round the dehumidifier (?) discussing religion. They were sharing prayer practices.

Afterwards I asked Rock Hound about it.

"Hey RH I didn't know you were Buddhist!"

"Yeah! I just decided I was"

"Cool, how did you come to this decision?"

"Well, I believe in peace and reincarnation, and we found these prayers online. I think I'll become a vegetarian too."

His mom is an atheist...I wonder how she'll take the news that he discovered religion at our house, while I let them - unsupervised (a 15 yr old doesn't really count) - play on the computer after dinner.

So, fair warning: You never know what evil lurks out there on the internet!

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Dineen said...

LOL--- The poor atheist mama, would probably be happier her son was online looking at naked women to explain than having to talk a naturally spiritually drawn youngster out of God.