Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainbow Haven Beach - Eastern Passage

The Sprout and me.

Photographic evidence that Dark Mirror is capable of both a day on the beach and getting a little bit wet.

Wild Thing ought to be in pictures...

This is Papa Pan's beach; as in, he grew up directly across the road from it. There used to be a camp here for underprivileged city kids. Growing up, Papa Pan always wondered how come he didn't get to go to camp, cause he was really poor too! Now he knows what a blessing growing up on this beach was.

Nature Girl was on a playdate with a friend, she spent the day climbing trees and exploring an entirely different beach. We ended our day with Fish and Chips at John's Lunch and came home with a huge tub of clams. Nature Girl had pizza and came home with clam shells.


monkey said...

mud mama, what kind of backpack are you using with sprout? my munchkin still loves the baby bjorn, intensely dislikes all slings, but i'm looking for a little more freedom when she's insistent on being held and i've got stuff i need to do...stuff it would be easier to do with her strapped to my back rather than my front. i get so confused with all the carrying paraphernalia out there...

Mud Mama said...

It is called a baby trekker (or the octopus!) and it kicks ass!

You can use it front or back and it is totally adjustable.

I've had it with Nature Girl, Wild Thing and Sprout and its great until they're 35 lbs on your back.

It is the only carrier my osteopath will let me use now. Thats a whole nuther post. And yes it is 4am here :-)

monkey said...

thanks for the info! and up early or up late? either way...the world is its own entity in the wee dark hours, isn't it?