Monday, December 12, 2011

And then Wild Thing Asked for a Haircut

He has a very specific cut in mind. He described how the bangs should be "straight from here to here" he showed me, "and then it should go down to my ears" and then it should be long but not as long as now"

I was a little nervous, the first time I cut his hair for him (at his request) he burst into tears and had me tape the locks back on). This time he took one look in the mirror and started to giggle. He giggled for a good 20 minutes, while he brushed his teeth and washed his face.

I feel very strongly about bodily integrity and not cajoling children into doing things you know they don't really want to do. Wild Thing loves his hair (maybe because he was such a bald baby for such a long time!) and has endured teasing about having such long hair and still held onto his lion's mane. He had bangs for several years and then decided that they were not to be cut either.

As a mom, well lets just say I'm very happy to see that sweet little cherub face again!
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Friday, December 9, 2011

A recap of St Nicholas Day

Nature Girl claimed elf duty/

Stockings are traditionally everyone's favorite thing.

However Sprout's gift from St Nick was awesome according to everyone - a wooden space station with robots and an alien and astronauts with removable helmets and packs and lots of cool science stuff!

Wild Thing was overjoyed to find a real watch in his stocking! It has monkey pirates on the band - SWEET!

Everyone loved their elf caps I made them too!

Mischievous elves.

While we were unwrapping gifts SOMEBODY ate all the raw cookie dough - nope wasn't Marley.

Bear, look at me Bear, is that gingerbread I smell on your breathe?
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This moment

A moment we want to savour and remember, with thanks to Soulemama for the inspiration.

This week required TWO photos. One I've grown used to, fitting the tall lanky grown Darkmirror into the frame with our traditional holiday reader photo. One which startled me, Seeing just how big a boy Sprout has become!
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yesterday was fill the car with goats day.

If we'd had room we'd have brought Buddy home too.

He's officially TOO BIG for our farm though.

Three goats and two kids. We've renamed our minivan the "Manure-mobile".
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This moment

Thank you Soulemama for the inspiration.  A moment from our week a special moment we want to hold onto, savour and cherish